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Hey lyricists out there!  We're opening a whole new area of our business to help the non-performing lyricist by doing demos for low costs.  How low you ask?  $150   lol.  These would be full production demos here at our studios with either male or female vocals and harmonies where appropriate.

Of course lyrics might be tweaked a bit to match the music--so expect a word change here or there. If we receive lyrics that have potential--but haven't quite hit the mark for a commercial song, I'm willing to help you with rewrites for $50 (and I won't take a co-write on it).  If we get good response, I'm going to open this to the rest of my artists who like to do work-for-hire demos to get involved as well.

We'd send you the master as a .wav file (for best quality) via YouSendIt (a free service available to send large files at  Of course we'd work with you until you were happy with the demo.  Once we throw it open to the other artists, you'll have a variety of artists to choose from for your demo--all with a proven history of radio airplay.  After you receive your demo and are happy with it, you can also have the choice of having us promote it to am/fm radio world-wide (1500 am/fm stations for $75) or you can take your demo and submit it to publishers, etc.


We're starting this in an attempt to help both the Independent artist and the lyricist.  We want the lyricists to get good quality demos at low prices (which in this economy is important) and the Independent musician to make a bit of money at what they love to do.  Everyone wins (and I just direct traffic LOL). Anybody interested, please contact me at

Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA

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