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Paint It Country

by Hank Falcon

© Copyright - Stephen B. Courtois / Hank Falcon (888295269254)

A new Country Music sound we call New Retro Country. Nice melodies, catchy lyrics, featuring 2nd. generation Rockabilly hall of fame inductee Billy London on Pedal Steel Guitar, and Matt Malley ( Counting Crows ) 2 songs on piano.

Hank Falcon was born around the campfire on the shores of lake Almanor in the small mountain town of Chester Ca. Now residing in the small town of Chico Ca., known as the City of Tree's. All the songs on this CD were written in 2014 / 2015 during the making of the CD. Old and new friends came together not knowing how things would end up, and now we just might do it all again. I'm into the 4th new song for the follow up CD to Paint It Country. I hope you enjoy the ride HF


Mike Wells is a Kentucky Hillbilly who lives in LA (not Lower Alabama). Proves you can take the boy out of the country, but yada yada yada. Here is his latest creation "Destiny". The premise : An old man reflects on his past and provides some lessons learned to the younger generation.Check out "Destiny" and all his previous country songs on CDBaby.

Buy it Here

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The Drivin' Wheel

by Cameron Molloy

© Copyright - Cameron Molloy / Cameron Molloy (888295207980)

Country and country rock music influenced by growing up in the West Kootenay

of British Columbia, by the road and experiences on the road


Kim Lund has been a truck driver for over 24 years, but he's been singing hiw whole life.  He owned and operated his own Karaoke business right through all of the 90s and then started doing jam sessions with bands.  He moved onto record and now he's breaking out with his new hit single

"The Love In My Eyes"



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" Ever Since I Found You "

The new single from John Biord, playing on world-wide radio everywhere.  

Biord takes you on a "very near to the heart" journey through life changing events that have bent his world, but not broken his spirit.  

"I've been accused of being a dreamer . . .", most certainly defines the core of Biord's creative tenacity, always a blessing but at times causing derailments along his path.

Raw, emotional and truly allowing the listener inside . . .  up close and personal.




Chris Cox, a recording artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is currently celebrating the successful completion of his debut country album, straight from Hilltop Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, titled “Heaven To Win“ from CMM Records, Produced by Walt Wilder.

A true baritone, with a wide range, Chris has a full, expressive voice that brings a haunting quality to a country song, and leaves the listener breathlessly waiting for the next track to start. A dynamo on stage, he’s a performer with a strong will, and a burning desire to truly connect with his audience. He’s been entertaining crowds in Oklahoma with his soulful performances & emotionally laden vocals for years. 

When he isn’t writing songs or recording/performing new music, he spends most of his time setting up Nonprofit groups with fundraising programs throughout Oklahoma & Texas, being with his family, and working as a freelance designer/animator and International Voiceover Artist. Chris comes from a very patriotic, military family. And has had a family member serve in four of the past five American wars. He believes in the strength and passion of the American Spirit and the indomitable will of the American Soldier. 

Chris has enjoyed a lifetime love of music and has been singing since he was a small child in church. He’s studied music at Oklahoma State University and attended performing arts school at the Stella Adler Academy, Hollywood, CA. He’s delighted audiences onstage in Oklahoma nightclubs for years. And now he’s continuing his musical journey with his Debut Nashville Album, “Heaven To Win”.


"Heaven To Win"








Welcome to Triplestrand Productions

Track Placement on our Radio Sampler CD's

We are constantly being asked by Artists to guarantee their track being placed within the first 5 tracks on the cd,we always reply that it  "really does not matter what order on the disc your song is as they all get played anyway".This however has not stopped Artists requesting that extra placement assurance.So to this end we have decided that if you want us to guarantee your song is placed within the top 5 slots on the CD you can assure that spot but it will cost you an extra $90 to do so. This means you pay $210 for your track to be placed in the top 5 slots instead of the customary $120. So if you really WANT your track in that spot that's what you have to do.Or you can just pay the $120 and take whatever spot is available . Now the choice is YOURS !!!!!!!


Track Fee Increase (please read)

Effective immediately, we’re going to have to raise our track fee by $10 per song to $120.  Not only has there been an increase in commercial postage in March, but our costs for items like cds and shipping of those supplies to our location has increased greatly over the last year, so we were no longer making our costs at the old track fee level.  Plus recently, there’s been an addition of quite a few new stations on our mail out listing both here in the US and overseas.  This is a GOOD thing—but it also increases costs.  We haven’t had to increase track fee in over  3 years, so please understand this recent development as being influenced by items outside our control and it is our hope that it won’t ‘break the bank’ for you artists.   Comments are welcome to Dixie at



An easy way to get your tracks on to YouTube and increase your songs exposure is the simple Lyric Video.

What is a Lyric Video ?

Simply put it's the lyrics of your song overlayed on a static image, the lyrics change color as the song progresses, A bit like a " Karaoke Video " only the music used has your vocals as well as the music unlike Karaoke. Done properly it can be very effective and has the possibility to increase your fan base especially if you already have an active YouTube account.

If you are interested I can produce a Lyric Video for you for $100 per video $110 if you want me to make a custom background. If interested just send me your details , your song in  hi bitrate mp3 (320kbs preferably) ant background picture you want used (no copyright images please ) or I can custom build one for you. I'll do all the hard stuff like syncing the lyrics to the music and making the Video file. Which I'll return to you and you can upload it to your YouTube account or you website or wherever else you desire. send all inquiries to


                                                   SAMPLE VIDEO



 Get your copy of the New Hit Single, You Lie Like A Dog To MeFrom Ramona Diane today!



Recently Received Artist Comments.(unsolicited)


i have to say that your customer service is outstanding! I am often in wondering mode and have not once have i wondered where we are at Dixie. Your professionalism is most welcome and i find it is also quite RARE to receive your level of customer service in the music industry. Thank YOU!

Cheers & have a HUGE day from the Netty Mac Train


"On another subject, sent Heart whupped to a publisher who said it was 180 degrees wrong for country radio, too old school. would never be played.

Many thanks to you for the outlet you provide, I sold 30 downloads of it last week and had over 4000 visits to my website, and the only place the songs are is on your network, many thanks "

Gene Pringle


Hi Dixie,

Thanks for the information and for including me in #118.  Listened to the show and have also been listening to same past shows.  I'm telling you, you're playing some better music than I hear on the top 40 stations.  Impressive.

As previously mentioned, I am interested in trying the sampler.  I was just waiting for your suggestion as to which song to include.

Let me know what the next step is.


Howard Delnick


"We have found TripleStrand's music distribution system to be highly effective, producing chartable results through its painstaking tracking system globally.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to get high quality music in the hands of programmers all over the world."

Charles Ecker of The C.R. Ecker Band


I've been approached by a slew of companies wanting me to be added to their disc that they mail out to radio. After careful research and talking with some disc jockeys around the world I have been told that you guys are hands down the most professional organization to work with. I think I would like to add a song to your gospel disc and see how it works out .  
Eric Gordon


Formed in 2004 by Dixie McCorkell Triplestrand Productions has become one of the foremost Independent Country & Americana Music Promotions Companies in the US today,servicing Radio Stations all over the world with Independent Country & Americana Music,DJ's have come to expect nothing but the highest quality Artists from Triplestrand and our popularity amongst the worldwide Radio fraternity continues to grow daily as more & more stations request our Compilation CD's.

     So if you are an Independent Country or Americana Artist and would like your music showcased to the world give us a call or drop us an e-mail it could be the BEST move you ever made.



John Biord

© Copyright-John Biord(885767282902)

Record Label: Shibumi Records

I wanted to fashion this project around the music I have created during 2011 for film and tv, so this is 13 tracks near and dear to my heart . . . each song represents a scene, a character or montage . . . with full instrumentation and lyrics.




I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and attended both Henry County and Eminence Independent High schools. My parents are Kentucky natives and currently reside in a small farming community just outside Louisville. I grew up on a farm with four other siblings where we learned to work on the farm at an early age. All the surrounding farmers would hire me each summer to help put in their crops. I went off to college where I spent more time wasting time than attending classes. I got married and had two handsome and talented sons.

I started writing songs many years ago, but never thought to actually record. After the prodding of many family and friends, I took the time to make it happen. With alot of persistance, I finally got someone to listen to me play and who wanted to record my first album. Since the completion of this cd in early 2009, I have enjoyed playing at local bars and venues in the St. Louis area.

I come from a long line of very talented people. I always enjoyed hearing my Mom play the piano in church while Dad sang in the choir. We never attended a party or picnic in the community that Dad, and his guitar companions, didn't play the guitar and sing. My brothers, my sister, and I always dabbled with playing the guitar together. These made music an everyday part of life around our house.

I continue to write songs weekly. Writing songs and "completing " songs are two very different things. I have a tall, unorganized, and growing stack of songs that need to be completed. In order to finish a song I usually have to take the idea and toy with it for weeks on end to get it in good enough shape to try with the band. I have completed enough songs and music for the next album, "Guitar Grace". I am very excited and anxious for these new songs to be heard.

I have been asked, "When are you gonna be famous?" I answer this by saying I already am. Of course I'm not "famous", but my family, friends, nieces and nephews, love my music. I am "daring to dream" the dream of making it in the music business, but truthfully I already have






I was born in the east Texas town of Lufkin,,some years ago,,,lol,,,started singing in church at the age of five,,so they tell me,and have always had a passionate love for music! At the age of 17 that love turned toward country music,and I joined a local band as lead singer,and the journey began! For the next 23 years or so,I played with several C&W bands ,from Texas to Louisiana and,Mississippi,!

I recieved Jesus as my Lord and Savior in April of 1990,,and started writing Christian Country and singing in my church! We soon started recieving invitations to other churches,and revivals and some Christian tv!I began preaching along with the music and became a Music evangelist,,,which is where I remain today! Having recorded two previous albums,(cd,s),I believe "Glory Road"is the best of the three! We tried to keep it country and still deliver the Gospel message! I sincerely hope and pray that you folks will enjoy my latest effort, as you listen to each song,talking about walking on God's Glory Road!

Hear Samples & Purchase "Glory Road "







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I am not one to listen to my own music very often, but this album "Coming Back to You", I keep coming back to over and over again. I find it very soothing and helpful and I love the twists and turns it takes you through on a journey of emotions, thoughts and insights. You think the song is taking you one place but then you find it takes you somewhere different.

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