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John Biord's Inspiring Message

"Hey Dixie and Derek, just found out my song IF I COULD'VE made it onto the initial 1st round voting ballot for the Grammy's in the category of SONG OF THE YEAR!  So I want you to know how very, very much I appreciate all your tremendous efforts securing all the radio airplay you and Triplestrand have gotten this song all around the world . . . "added" on nearly 3,000 radio station playlists to date and still going!  That is simply awesome and a HUGE factor in my song qualifying for the Grammy ballot . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I'll keep ya posted . . . . !"


So all of you Independent Artists out there working your socks off ,writing,composing & performing your songs this shows with hard work determination and never giving up it can be done.

We at Triplestrand say to John " well done and we wish you every success , you deserve it.

Dixie & Derek (Triplestrand Productions )








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